Did Your State Make the List of Highest ATV Deaths?

Posted by robyn

Between 300 and 400 ATV-related deaths, occur each year. Most ATV accidents result from defective parts. These can cause vehicle-handling issues and a lag in response time. Unfortunately, this causes many people to roll their vehicle. Manufacturers made these vehicles for driving off-road, but they still aren’t safe.

Even though ATV injuries are tragically common, certain states have reported a higher prevalence.

Is Your State on the List?

Missouri has the fifth highest rate of ATV- related deaths in the country. There were 44 over a three-year period.

Florida had 49 ATV-related deaths. These numbers are even expected to rise.

Pennsylvania ranks third in the US when it comes to ATV-related deaths. There were 57 deaths last year alone.

Texas is second in the country with the most ATV deaths. This state had 52 deaths occur.

The state with the highest rate of ATV-related fatalities in West Virginia.  This state had 62 deaths last year. West Virginia has led the nation in these vehicle fatalities per capita each of the last three years. There have been close to 700 ATV deaths since 1982.

*These numbers are only reflected from public road fatalities.

After an Injury or Death

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