Eighty Percent of Farm Deaths Associated with Machines

Posted by robyn

Last year, 80% of all farm deaths were because of vehicles and/or machinery. Plus, statistics are showing that farm injuries and deaths are on the rise. Twelve people lost their lives in farming accidents in the first three months of last year compared to five in 2014.

However, experts consider this number a lot lower than the actual numbers. There are serious problems of under-reporting in the farming community. This includes non-fatal and fatal accidents.

Farm Deaths & Machine Dangers

Farming is a dangerous job, and unsafe machinery is normally the cause. Most equipment-related accidents on the farm are due to farm tractor rollovers. Others are due to:

  • Caught in running machinery
  • Non-highway transportation accidents (not including rollovers)
  • Highway collisions between farm equipment and other vehicles
  • Struck by falling machinery parts
  • Equipment contacting overhead or underground power lines.

Manufacturer Irresponsibility

If manufacturers could prevent deaths and injuries by designing safer farm equipment and including safety warnings. Instead, tractorshay balersgrain augersskid steer loaderscorn pickers, combines and brush hog mowers continue to cause thousands of deaths and injuries annually.

As a result, farmers are 800% more likely to die on the job than in other industries. 

Farming Equipment Accidents Compensation is Available

As a farm worker, you help feed the nation. It is simply not right that you are exposed to such hazards to do your job−especially when so many accidents could be prevented if manufacturers produced safe equipment and included warnings on their products.

Yet corporations continue to manufacture equipment that fails to adequately protect you. Instead, equipment injures or kills hard-working farmers every year.


You deserve compensation for your suffering, and the Farm Injury Resource Center wants to help you get it.

If you are an injured farm worker, if one of your family members has been injured or died working on a farm, or if you have lost wages due to injury, you are entitled to payments to help you recover medical and other costs.

Farmers injured or killed by farm equipment may be also eligible to receive payment for several types of compensation, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Skills training
  • Lost income
  • Physical suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disability benefits
  • Death

No matter what state, work status, or nationality, help is available. For a free and totally confidential consultation, contact the Farm Injury Resource Center. Let us help you win the compensation you deserve.