Brush Hog Injuries Can Happen To You

Posted by robyn

Even the most experienced farmer can find themselves injured by unsafe farm equipment. The brush hog is one of the most dangerous pieces of farming equipment. It’s important to remember, however, that no matter how many safety precautions you take, brush hog mowers are highly dangerous, and when you’re injured by one, the manufacturer may be responsible.

Brush Hog Injury – An Account

Brush Hog Mower Accidents

On May 26,  a 56-year-old horse farm owner was killed when he was crushed under a Bush Hog Brand Rotary Cutter Model 3210 rotary mower while changing the cutting blades. A few days before, he had cut a field and noticed that there was a problem with the mower. He left the mower at a location other than the utility barn. The floor in the utility barn was a concrete pad and the ground where he left the mower had dry mortar sand on its surface. According to his wife, he was planning to change the blades prior to its next use. His wife requested that he wait for her to assist him.

Incident report noted that the victim used a tractor equipped with a front-end loader to lift the mower by placing the bucket under the mower tongue. It is unknown what happened next. He may have raised the front of the mower with the tractor bucket, placed wood under the tongue and on either side of the mower, then moved the tractor back about four feet with the bucket raised. Another possibility is that he left the mower tongue in the raised bucket, and placed the wood supports under the mower. He positioned himself under the raised mower with a socket wrench to remove nuts holding the blades in place. When he did not return to the house as planned, the victim’s wife and daughter went to look for him. The tractor was found running about four feet away from the mower, with the bucket raised about five feet in the air. There was a chain that appeared to be unused in the bucket. There were blades and nuts on the ground. When his family members found him under the mower, the victim’s wife attempted to raise the mower by placing the bucket under the mower’s tongue. She was unable to do so. As she was attempting the rescue, the victim’s daughter drove back to the house and called 911.

Emergency response arrived, removed the victim from under the mower, and took him to a local hospital where he was declared dead.

Manufacturer Responsibility

Farm equipment is widely recognized as being unsafe. Designers and manufacturers of farm machinery have an obligation to make sure their products are as safe as possible. If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a brush hog mower accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Manufacturers who design and distribute unsafe brush hog mowers should pay you for the losses you suffer due to using them. You deserve compensation.

After an Injury or Death

An injury or death can be a devastating blow financially and emotionally. You may not know where to turn. The Farm Injury Resource Center prides itself on being a free resource to farmers. Our confidential and free consultation will guide you. We are available 24/7 to assist you.